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How to Have an Intense Orgasm with HerSolution


If you want to have an intense orgasm, allow me to suggest HerSolution Gel or Pills.

You can use either one. The former is a natural lubricant designed for instant arousal. And HerSolution Pills is a ‘little purple pill’ made for ongoing desire and fulfillment.

Here is how both HerSolution products can help your desire for sex, get wet easier, and give you an intense orgasm that may curl your toes.


HerSolution Gel – A natural-based lubricant, HerSolution Gel offers instant arousal, so you’re quickly in the mood. It’s ‘adjustable’ too – add more for more enjoyment.

HerSolution Pills – HerSolution Pills is designed to gently optimize the shifting hormones that can lower sexual desire with time. It helps dilate your blood vessels and increases muscle contractions, so you can relax, enjoy, and climax easier – and with greater intensity!


Why HerSolution?

Women buy HerSolution products because they’re natural. HerSolution Gel is made with herbals, amino acids, vitamins and sexual nutrients rather than the harsh chemicals often found in drugstore lubricants.

The best way to have an intense orgasm with HerSolution products is likely to use the Gel while you wait for HerSolution Pills to accumulate in your system. You won’t have to wait the 2-3 months for HerSolution Pills to deliver best results that way – you’ll have more enjoyment instantly.

Combine HerSolution products with these tips to make intense orgasms a regular event in your bedroom!

Intense Orgasm Tips

Foreplay! – Boost oxytocin and you’ll have an intense orgasm. That’s the finding of a study published in the journal Hormones and Behaviour, which found hugging, kissing, cuddling and other bonding activities in the bedroom increased this ‘love hormone’. A little more foreplay or bonding before it can do wonders for your sex life.


Try an ‘Edging’ Climax – You’ll have more pleasure if you delay your orgasm. Get to the point where you’re about to climax. Then stop – and go back to the brink again. This is an ‘edging orgasm ‘ and will culminate in ear-splitting pleasure.

Hit the Gym – A study in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour found anticipating a competition triggered a 24% increase in testosterone. Further evidence shows testosterone actually increases the female libido, and the exercise helps with blood flow to your nether region. All very good things for your sex life!

Turn the Heat Up – Ever wondered why it’s so easy to get randy in summer? Heat boosts blood flow to the vagina. You can turn the heat up with a hot bath before sex, or even by putting a warm wash cloth over your vulva for a few minutes. An intense orgasm is apt to follow.

Use the Tantric Method – Breathe slower. This can help slow your mind and heighten sensations. Now, breathe and rock together, and tighten your PC muscles before sex. This is the tantric method.

Have a Sex Tonic – Drink some warm milk and add a pinch of saffron. You probably know that flower as an extraordinarily expensive spice at the grocery store. But it’s also an aphrodisiac and – if you can afford it – releases an intense flavour when heated.

Use a Vibrator – Women who use a vibrator have an easier time climaxing with a partner (after they’ve used the vibrator), according to a study of 1,656 volunteers. Note you’ll actually get a ‘bullet’ vibrator with a 3+ month package of HerSolution Pills or 6 month supply of HerSolution Gel.


Time Your Cycle – You’re in for an exceptionally intense orgasm if you have sex in the first two days of your cycle. That’s when your testosterone soars, your libido roars, and your breasts and clitoris are hypersensitive. Try to time sex for the morning, when men typically have the most testosterone, or a weekend afternoon, when many women ovulate.

Have a Quickie – For a little variety to your sex life, pull up your skirt and find a deserted staircase. If he’s taller than you, stand a few steps above him, either facing him or with your back to him – so he can enter you from behind. Grab the railing for balance and have an intense orgasm in the process!

Find a New Rhythm Method – You’re in for a very intense orgasm with this method. Have your partner lie on top of you, with his pelvis on yours. Wrap your legs around him so your clitoris touches the base of his penis. Now rock together. Be patient – do this as you find your rhythm with him. Your reward will be an intense orgasm, made even more enjoyable with the easier and – yes – multiple climaxes in store for you when you put a little HerSolution in your life.